PCMR-AI: A mix of swarm intelligence, AI & multi-agent technology for the last mile

Logistics experts from a wide range of sectors meet regularly at the House of Logistics & Mobility (HOLM) to work, exchange ideas and benefit from synergy effects. One particularly interesting format is the so-called "Future Transportation & Logistics Xchange (FTLX). This is where experts come together to brainstorm about challenges and form joint projects, which can then be further developed and implemented in research projects with a direct application focus. This was also the case with the PCMR-AI project, which stands for Personalized-Collaborative-Multiagent-Routing-AI. The participants in the project have combined their strengths to create a new technology that offers added value in practice. Graphmasters provides routing technology with swarm intelligence, the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) contributes the multi-agent technology, and Green Convenience provides the personalization AI to take into account the probability of success per stop.

As a result, PCMR-AI is an AI-based routing system for home deliveries that autonomously converts anonymized cell phone location data into route optimizations using swarm intelligence and multi-agent technology and automatically generates successful first delivery attempts.

The ELVIS Transporte freight forwarding network and other application partners provide the practical perspective. The next step is for PCMR-AI to develop its efficiency-enhancing effect in practice with as many application partners as possible. Interested parties can take a look at the regular FTLX meetings and possibly participate in the testing. Please register with Axel Jacob from HOLM at axel.jacob@frankfurt-holm.de