Green Convenience improves your customer experience, is easily integrable and solves your delivery inefficiencies.

Sucessful first delivery attempts

Ensuring direct handovers, which improves speed, quality & privacy

No effort - No waiting

All delivery time windows are automatically generated & updated

Greener delivery

Less delivery attempts save carbon emissions from delivery trucks.

Together with Green Convenience, we can take our delivery to a new level on the first try

Founder and Managing Director

Felix Dossmann

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Not only are the costs for parcel services reduced, but the service that the recipient can experience is also increased.

Lead Research Associate Urban Logistics

Maximilian Engelhardt

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"We see Green Convenience as an important driver for solving unsuccessful delivery attempts in last mile logistics."

Senior Project Manager

Susanne Theilacker

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"Green Convenience Al utilizes a new technology to ensure successful first delivery attempts"

Communications Specialist

Giulia Busolin

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"We believe their solution is coming to market at the right time and has great potential."

Head of Community

Hugo Paquin

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"We are looking forward to further cooperation in this exciting and visionary project!"

Head of Lab

Prof. Dr. techn. Heinz Koeppl

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Successful 1st delivery
No Cost + Effort
No waiting required
Variable delivery
Easily scalable

Automated determination

GC automatically determines a delivery window for direct handover

Easy integration

GC can be easily integrated into every delivery system via API

Consumer adoption

In case of absence the delivery window will be updated automatically

Make your delivery 45% more efficient.

Lower delivery costs - Lower emissions - Happy customers

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Freqently asked

Green Convenience offers online retailers and delivery services an add-on for apps that automatically ensures the success of the first delivery attempt.

Every delivery system works! Doesn’t matter if you have it is transport management, tour planning or a routing system, our software can be integrated into every system via API, completetly without any additional barriers!

We have different pricing models depending on delivery and parcel volume. Please contact the sales department here to get a
detailed insight into the prices and an individual solution.

A suitable solution should have 5 essential features. You can find a comparison of our solution with other approaches above.

The Last-Mile Problem (LMP) is the phenomenon that the last mile is the most inefficient and environmentally damaging stage of the B2C supply chain.
For this there are 2 main reasons:

1. Failed delivery attempts - one in five deliveries around the world fail, increasing delivery costs and emissions by 25% and worsening the delivery experience.

2. Delivery window dilemma - long delivery windows strain relationships with customers as they don't like to wait.
On the other hand, short delivery windows lead to inefficient routes and are more difficult to guarantee.